Poison Ivy Control

Poison Ivy treatment, vine removal and overgrowth clearing.

Our Services

Poison Ivy Treatment

We will treat poison ivy plants with a herbicide. It will be fully dead after about 14 days. Optionally we can return and knock down or remove the dead plant.

Poison Ivy Vine Removal

We will remove by hand and dispose of poison ivy vines.

Overgrowth Treatment

We can treat with herbicide small to moderate overgrowth and we can return 14 days later to remove the dead plants by hand.

Why Choose Us


We have both a Contractors and Commercial Applicator license  from the the Georgia Department of Agriculture.


We are insured by a general liability policy well over the limit for what is required by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.


Herbicide offers a quick and efficient solution to control your poison ivy troubles. This helps keep your costs reasonable.

small business

Withered Vines is a small local business that’s owned and operated by one person. You support the local economy by supporting us .

About Our Company

Hello my name is Micah. I am the man behind the company. I am dedicated to running a business with the highest integrity and customer satisfaction possible. I believe in hard work, dedication and persistence. I operate this business during the summer and during the winter I do taxes. If you are interested in Withered Vine’s services contact us below. Thanks!

Service Area

We primarily service the Cobb County area. We may service outside of our service area for an additional fee.

Contact US

Give us a call or text at 770-648-3531 or submit an email bellow. Thank you!