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The eastern copperhead, a venomous snake frequently found in English ivy
IMG_7943 Cropped
English ivy that has taken over a yard and trees
English ivy pre-treatment
English ivy one year after treatment

About English Ivy


English ivy will slowly creep up trees, suffocate them and steal their water and sun. Not only that, but the thick, hairy vines become an excellent place for insects to thrive. Additionally, the extra weight and wind resistance on the trees can increase the odds of your trees falling.


Predictably, English ivy provides the perfect habitat for pretty much every pest we do not want in our yards. Some of those pests include snakes (including copperheads), mosquitoes, ticks, rats, slugs and raccoons. It is also common for poison ivy to begin growing alongside English ivy since poison ivy prefers shaded areas.


English ivy is an invasive species. In its juvenile stage, it searches for structures to climb. It grows around 9 feet per year. Once it reaches higher in the tree, the leaves become more round and lighter. This adult plant produces berries from late winter to early spring. These berries are toxic to many American birds but are a favorite snack for invasive birds such as the European starling and house sparrow.


English ivy is an extremely hardy plant. This is due to its waxy coating, thick woody vines and ability to store energy. The waxy coating can repel herbicides and the thick mat of vines makes it so even the strongest of individuals will get worn out on a small patch. To further complicate things, English ivy is able to sprout from its leaves. This means even if you did manage to accomplish removing all the thick vines and its roots it could simply sprout again from any leaves left behind. We use a special formulation of herbicides that is capable of penetrating the waxy coating and killing English ivy. We feel it is the most effective and efficient strategy.


✓ Expert English Ivy Eradication: Specialized herbicides and techniques ensure effective English ivy elimination.

✓ Thorough English Ivy Treatment: Cutting and treating thick climbing vines with a special herbicide for comprehensive results.

✓ Risk Mitigation: Addressing the dangers of English ivy, from attracting pests to smothering trees.

✓ In-depth Knowledge: Understanding the biology, growth patterns, and resilience of English ivy for tailored solutions.

✓ Free Quotes: We offer free quotes in our service area, Providing personalized recommendations for every client’s unique situation.

Josephine NutterJosephine Nutter
15:12 23 Mar 24
I am very pleased with the job that Micah did for us. We have a large naturally wooded area around our home that was being attacked with both poison and English ivy. Micah was first of all polite and manner able, he was also very efficient and timely. In just a matter of weeks we’ve seen lots of dying back of the ivy. We have a 90 day guarantee or he’ll come back and retreat the area. By the look of things we won’t need that. Thanks Micah!
Audrey ReinerAudrey Reiner
11:27 02 Sep 23
I highly recommend Micah and Withered Vines. I had him come out for a poison ivy problem in my yard. He was very professional and was able to answer all my questions. He was able to complete the work the same day he came out for a quote and his prices were very reasonable.
Keith FischerKeith Fischer
14:29 07 Aug 23
We hired Withered Vines for a large and somewhat complex poison ivy removal job. Micah was very responsive throughout and always communicated well. He gave us a detailed quote with various options and walked us through pros and cons. His work was top notch.
Cate BloomCate Bloom
22:20 30 May 23
He was very responsive and actually showed up! Gave me a professional assessment and multiple options. Came out once the job was approved and took care of the poison ivy quickly. Really appreciate it!
Gareth CalkGareth Calk
20:45 19 May 23
Micah was super communicative and prompt with giving me a quote and providing the service for poison ivy at our house. Definitely recommend him for this service!
Gas MasherGas Masher
23:35 01 Aug 22
I received a prompt response asking for a quote using the form on their website. Scheduling was easy and they showed up on time. Price was reasonable and the work was started immediately and finished quickly.Thanks for coming out to spray our field of poison ivy today, Micah. We will follow up if we need additional work.